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    Best Time to Visit

    Spring, when the mild (if moist) weather brings out the blooms across the parks and carries the fragrances across the city. The 3-day Spring Festival sees the whole country on the move to visit family, so be sure to prepare!

    What to Pack

    A VISA and IDs for security checks, and a willingness to adapt to a local culture in which Western customs such as lining up are not common. And be ready to live without Facebook and some of your favorite news websites!

    General Tips

    China’s modern, more outward looking city as compared to Beijing, Shanghai boasts museums and collections representing more contemporary society.

    The enormous Shanghai Museum is the first essential stop for visitors, presenting historical items found since 1949. The Shanghai Art Museum and Rockbund Art Museum contain the works of China’s most important modern artists, and some international pieces too.

    For timing your trip, Shanghai Contemporary is held in September while Shanghai Art Fair takes place in November.

    Since 1993, Shanghai has held it own International Film Festival, now held in June, with the city’s Fashion Week held in April and October, each of which are gaining increasing attention in the region.

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News & Features
By BLOUIN ARTINFO | Feb 19, 2019
Wutopia Lab has transformed the concierge room of tourism company based in Qinhuangdao, China, into a striped...
By BLOUIN ARTINFO | Feb 16, 2019
Three Shadows Xiamen Photography Art Centre presents a new show of Photography titled“Another Way of Telling,”...
By BLOUIN ARTINFO | Feb 14, 2019
AIKE, Shanghai is exhibiting Nathan Zhou’s “STREET DOG” through March 3, 2019.
By Sarah Moroz | Feb 12, 2019
A curator of the city's Biennale talks about art in a troubled world, and the enduring pleasures of Shanghai.
By BLOUIN ARTINFO | Feb 6, 2019
ART LABOR Gallery, Shanghai is presenting Zhou Fan’s “Pollen” through March 7.
Hotels & Resorts
Luxury | High-end
An elegant, classical feel of timelessness.
Luxury | Mid-range
Sumptuously decorated luxe hotel.
Luxury | High-end
Sweeping panoramic views of the city.
Boutique | Mid-range
Stylish boutique hotel in downtown Shanghai.
Luxury | High-end
Glamorous Shanghai meets modern luxe.
Eclectic | High-End
Sensorial dining experience.
Chinese | Mid-range
Exotic Yunnan fare.
Asian | Mid-range
Shanghai-style fusion cuisine.
Bar | Mid-range
Carefully crafted cocktails.
Eclectic | High-end
Avant-garde and one of a kind.
Fashion | High End
Fashion store by Chinese supermodel Lu Yan.
Fashion | Mid-range
Authentic history, contemporary design.
Fashion | High-end
A chic twist on traditions.
Fashion | High-end
Boutique shopping in a former theatre.
Fashion | High-end
Modern elegance infused with Chinese tradition.